You are not Beautiful, just your age is Beautiful

We love ourselves. But it’s not about all. Sometimes we need love or we want love from our dear person. We all believe that our identity is real and that is ‘Mankind’. But there are few people or most of the people who judge everything by his/her outlook. Especially, girls are facing that kind of problem. When they go anywhere, some people teased about their outlook. If the girl’s skin is black, they don’t give them any response and important. They teased her in many ways. We have to shame on ourselves because we all are like that.

Anita was very nice and talented. She was also great at heart but the real fact was she is black. Her family doesn’t show love for her. So she was always disappointed about it. But she looks happy in every moment and also spread happiness. His neighbour found a way to tease her. And she ignored everything. But one day those kinds of people cross their limit at the point. They forgot that our colour doesn’t mean ourselves. We have our good behaviour, characteristics at heart. Our colour and all that would be disappear at the age. We don’t have any rights that we judge someone by her outlook.

this is life

Anita was going for her tuition but a boy whose name was Imon teased her. Imon teased her that, “why were you so black as a crow”. Anita doesn’t say anything just run away. Anita didn’t go his tuition but she went on the bridge. She wanted to suicide. Because she knew that nobody needs her. When she tried to fall down, a old woman as his grandmother age told her, “o girl what were you doing here, did you tried to kill yourself. Please don’t do that, it’s a crime. Anita started crying and replied to her that then what should I do. Nobody likes me and all hate my face, my colour. The old man said that, “so what! You had a heart that’s it.

It doesn’t matter how you look and what’s your skin colour because everything will change with age. And the end of life, you need someone, not a beautiful face. Anita told her, “I had no one who could hold my hand”. She replied that she had and that was her creator if He with her, she needed nothing.

This will life and age is the real fact

Anita understood all, it’s not her mistake. Those people who talked about her colour, they had done a big mistake. So she decided that she would reply to all the people who judge her by colour. First of all, Anita went to Imon house and replicate him. She told him,” my colour is my colour, it’s not about you. I was beautiful in my way. If I was back, fat, small, ugly that does not matter, I am just what I am and that’s all. Everybody would change at the time when her colour wouldn’t mean, her life is mean. I would like to be beautiful in my heart. And I wouldn’t judge any beautiful girl that they were not beautiful at all point.

They were best in their own way. I wish they would have a holding hand at the old age”. Rimon felt very shy and he realized what he did. He told her that he was extremely sorry for what he said. He also told her that she was right, our colour didn’t beautiful because our age is beautiful.

After that Anita just tried so much for a better future. She tried to find out that old lady who changes her mind but she couldn’t. By the way, if anyone says something about Anita’s colour, she replied to them very well. Anita totally understood that our life moves on. So if we stopped, our life would move on. So any judgement what about your colour wouldn’t change your life at all. We just have to think about our old age when our beauty disappeared. So we should love each other and no judgement about our colour, weight, height. We are what we are!

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