Why we need Girlfriends or Boyfriends

As humans, we always crave some sort of attention-whether it is in the form of love or just a cheeky smile from a random stranger on the streets. We love attention because it makes us feel important or something like that. On the other hand, we hate loneliness. Most of us hate being alone because we find it boring, or it leads us to sadness. Moreover, for a lot of us, being single is fear because people are judgmental, and often criticize us for not being able to be in a relationship. Because of things like a desire for attention or hate for loneliness. We try to find someone who can satisfy the desire and keep us away from the sadness.

This someone is usually a ‘girlfriend’ or a ‘boyfriend’

Of course, we can have friends who will love us and laugh with us hence giving us the attention we want but that just isn’t the same thing as having a girlfriend/ boyfriend. A girlfriend/ boyfriend is special and makes us feel special as well.

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend may not always be ideal

It can be time-consuming, expensive too and it does come with some emotional burden. But a relationship is sometimes needed to maintain a levelheadedness. Life can be difficult we all have struggles that we experience daily. So having someone by your side, even if it is just temporary, can give one some level of ease at times of struggle or pain.

Besides being there for you during moments of pain. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will be there to root for when you have an important exam or when you have achieved a long-awaited goal. And it is not only during sad or happy moments that you feel the worth of a girlfriend or boyfriend. You feel their worth when you go out to eat together and share food. When you study together and hold hands. When you go on dates and hug each other after or when you just look into their eyes and see the entire universe.

Is it necessary to have a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

For some of us, relationships might just be a temporary thing and even if lacking in genuineness. They might be a good form of relief and escape from the real world. Moreover, having girlfriends or boyfriends allow us to understand people better and help us to determine exactly what kind of person is ideal for us. This is not to encourage constant experimentation with a person in order to find the right partner rather the reality that we date or get into relationships in the hopes of understanding our ideal type. It is widely known that and accepted that we cannot always end up with our current girlfriends or boyfriends but that should never stop us from hoping and satisfying our desires.

Whatever the case is, being in a relationship makes us feel happy and keeps us going. Despite the emotional burdens that come with it. No one should be ashamed or scared of having a girlfriend and boyfriend. Again, as humans we love intimacy, and being in relationships give us just that.

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