What is true friendship and who are real friends

True friendship is not where two or three friends have a lot of pictures together. One will always tag another person in social media. Some people will post on social media aimed at another-These are nothing more than just showing people. A true friend and real friendship are very rare now. Even now there are so many friends in which there are hundreds of quarrels. When they are seen even after the huff, the anger of both of them flew away in a while. They forget everything about the past and became friends again. Friendship day is not required for them, they do not even need to give each other a message all day.

As long as they meet them, their friendship remains intact. Now friendship has become self-centred as it is now seen that people make friends for taking notes. Some people make friends just because they do not like being alone in school or college. Some people do not want to go alone anywhere, so they start looking for a partner.

These friendships end when the end of the interest

Maybe they will not look for it. But if you meet in the street, people will say that you were the best friend, now you are not looking for it. You have forgotten and why you should keep it or who am I? If you put all the blame on your neck, you will hear some more stubbornness. My experience is not less but my favorite philosopher told us from the experience of teaching. We always say that the selfish friendship will not last for a while, he has seen how much friendship ends when the interests are fulfilled.

True friendship will be such that the friend will be the happiest friend happy and the other will be He will be with her and try to remove the friend’s grief. In the same way, the rest of the people have no value, and they do not have any existence. There will be no kind of combustion. The opposite of which is now seen that friends have found a companion to have joy. love is done with other friends so that the other friend is not tolerated. But after all this, man’s life is incomplete without friends, no matter how close he is, because he can not live without society Animals cannot be alone.

It should be seen that the friend should be as much as possible with regard to it, as long as we see it for a long time, it becomes a memorable day. No one has any burns, only fun and lots of memories. Our friendship relations between the pictures are unbeatable. I still remember November, December of last year, even after two months of this, it took 5 minutes to meet on December 31. I forgot all the previous emotions and make all the madness again.

It’s just a friend of mine

I have found many selfish friends in life, but when the actual When there are some friends. What do they mean to remember them? Also, I have some other dear friends, who have the importance for me but everyone’s name I can not say. Often, in some cases, many people become friendly friends, the real words with whom we have a lot of thinking, mentality or a lot of them. We can say all our words without hesitation. They have become good friends for a while. Lastly, do not want to be the real friend of anybody If you do not play any of the friendship plays. It is very cold when your mask opens at the time of need.

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