What is Love is it easy

Love is as censorious as for your perception and body as oxygen. It is not really passable. The fact is the less warmth you have, the more melancholy you are likely to undergo in your life. Respect is presumably the best pleasure there is because one of the most frequent cause is feeling unbeloved. Most dejected people do not love themselves and they do not perceive love by others. They also are self-focused which is making them less charismatic to others and being dispossessed them of chances to assimilate the adroitness of regard.

Most of us get our goals of love from favoured culture. We come to presume that love is like something wipes us from our thought. But the pop culture and all show that idea of regard comprises of impracticable resemblance generated for amusement, which is one rationale so many of us getting to be dejected. It is a part of our indigenous fragility like persistently galvanized by resemblances instantaneous indulgence.

We presume it loves it is just intrusion and infatuation

One repercussion is that when we hit real love we become disconcert and disheartened and the reason is there are lots of stuff that do not cope up with the ethnic idea. Some of us get nagging and dominating, hankering someone else to what we presume our idea of our exoticism should be, without perceiving our purpose is misplaced. It is not only attainable but inevitable to change one‘s perspective to love toward of dejection.

Love is a pure feeling, love means patients and love is an intention of willing the best things for him/her

The feelings of love are very precious and nobody can tell the reasons for their love and they also can’t tell that, why they fall in love? actually love has no words. We fall in love without any reason but sometimes love means pain also. If a boy loved a girl, its show that the girls don’t love the boy otherwise a girl loved a boy. the boy also doesn’t love the girl and if they are both love each other but god don’t want to fix them. its called destiny. what is written in our destiny nobody tell that without god but gods almighty is very grateful. if god does anything it will be always good for us.

The feelings of love are the worlds best feelings

I remember when I’m falling in love. The feelings, touch, shyness, care, worry about him all these things are beauty full very beautiful. I can’t forget the moments, the feeling when I was fall in love. When I loved him I can’t consider anything. I can’t consider in studies, any works even at the time of eating I was thinking about him. ahh!! the feelings. I can’t express it in words.

So love is precious, love is pure and we should take the duty for our loving people. we should take care of him, we should take care of her/him little thinks. love is the main part of our life. Somebody think that we can live without love but it’s wrong. we can’t live without love. If we can try we can earn many things we can earn money, strength, power etc. we can earn this thing very easily bt love?? no, earning love is not so easy. if we want to love many many years will go but we can’t see.

Loving people are very lucky because they achieve love, they earn love, respect, care. love is also a responsibility

The responsibility to protect our love. because love is our heart, soul, our eye. We can see our own world in our loving person’s eye.

I also see my whole world in my love person. When I hugged him It is the best feelings of love. I think that it is the safest place in the world. No other place is much safe as it is. When her heartbeat goes into my ears I lost all the problem in a few seconds. Which peach found on heart nothing is more peaceful as it is. But many people think that love is wrong, “No” love is not wrong. maybe lovers should be wrong. maybe those people we choose they might be wrong but love can’t be wrong. Love is the worlds best feelings. Love people. After many years maybe you lost your beauty, youngness, money, strength, power etc but “love”? love can’t be lost. day by day love is gradually increased not decreased. After all, I can say that love is precious, not wrong.

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