Understandings and Misunderstandings in Relationships

First of all, trust is very much needed to break to establish relationships. But when relations go far beyond belief, at one stage it depends on the understanding. Many relationships end with misunderstanding. There is nothing else to do.

Everyone needs a life partner on the way to life. He takes care of everything, feels pain, gives infinite love. But if the person misunderstood then there is nothing left. In order to maintain relations, we need to know and understand each other very well. But there is a misunderstanding in all relationships. One has to accept the mistake and one has to forgive and fix everything. But very can do it. And those who can, they lead a happy life. And those who can not, they end up killing someone else and ending it. So let’s say a story about this topic.

A Real Love Story

A girl whose name was Nilima she used to study romantic tale and very convinced about the interrelation. Nilima would love to read the story very well. But he never thought that he would be involved in any one relations. One day when Nilima returned from college, she saw an accident. Nilima was shocked because a motorcycle was hit by a bus in front of her and he started running in bloody condition. Everyone was surprised to see the boy. It’s a surprise because he’s alive and running. Nilima immediately stopped the boy, actually Nilima was a little too close to stop.

Nilima said, “You are a madman or someone to running in this condition!” The boy replied you do not know it is very important to go to my house. Today is my sister’s marriage, and she is telling me I will not marry until I came. Nilima said, “That’s right, but first you have to go to the hospital, what would happen if your sister saw you in this condition?” The boy said that you’re right, but must go quickly. Well, thank you, I’ll go straight to her marriage from the hospital. Nilima went with him. This is how they first met. Nilima did not want to go to his sister’s wedding. The boy forced Nilima to go to his sister’s wedding. Nilima did not know the name of the boy. His name is Rimon.

Rimon gave his number to Nelima and Nilima also have her number. Rimon called Nilima first. In this way, they have a relationship for 3 years. On 3 years, Rimon would go with his cousin’s wedding. Where there is a turn, Nilima was there. Nilima gets angry at the girl but does not say anything. Nilima talks about her cousin when Rimon calls him at night. Rimon said that my cousin’s sister was coming after a long time, so I went with her. Nilima did not say anything else about this topic. Two days later, Nilima again saw Rimon with his cousin’s sister Tori. Nilima’s heart broken. Nilima wrote a letter saying,

“I can not keep a relationship with you, I do not want to be with you anymore”. Rimon did not understand anything. She went to Nilima’s home immediately. Nilima’s mother said that Nilima is no more. Seeing Rimon with anyone else she committed suicide. Rimon could not understand anything and how it happened.

Just because of a little misunderstanding, they both broke themselves. If Rimon understands Nilima well then they would not have seen this day. Nilima did not understand Rimon too. If Rimon told everything clearly to Nilima that does not happen. So please understand your love.

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