angry wife with rolling pin

Come on, wife, I can not live. (I’m not). (Wife) I have finished cooking. Only one day is more than six days left. Do not be so cruel to the wife. (I’ll do it and I will not do that. Talking many times. But could not keep it. Can not do this anymore. So you have to be punished. You should cook for seven days continuously. By your oath, it will not be so. I kept the phone now) That is why Ayesha cut the phone. Every time there is a quarrel with Ayesha and anger goes to, fathers home And one week I have to cook and eat as a pension. And well I know I can not eat outside food. So that’s enough to punish. And he also knows I can not cook properly.

Just cook eggs and cook rice. After leaving, I have eaten fried bread. And I do not like to eat eggs so I asked to come to the phone. But she did not come. Will come six more days later I can not find these eggs after eating eggs for six days. 11:44 pm Nothing sleep at night. I cling to the bed but do not sleep. I call Ayesha & I cannot sleep without you. (But in the drawer of the trolley, sleeping tablets have a lot of sleeping and sleep)(Ayesha said). You are so cruel. You have no illusions for me. attraction, love is all there. But you do not understand. I’m sleeping. I’ll sleep, You’re sleeping too. (Ayesha cut the phone). She may have been sleeping very comfortably, but he is not sleeping in his eyes. a pillow Ayesha I think I’m lying down.

“Your love is the strength that drives me to do everything for this family. You are the armour that shields me from tears. I love you so much!”

Suddenly I slept. When I was waking up, I looked at eleven at thirty o’clock. Let’s have breakfast time gone. Now fries will be prepared lunch. I’m sleeping comfortably because of the office shut down and I’m eating. However, I went to the kitchen. Putting rice in Stove, I’m going to cook something else. But how? Well, once I call Ayesha and ask. Go to the room and call Ayesha. I’m cooking cooked rice and cooked curry? I have cooked meat in the refrigerator. How can I do it? Yellow, pepper ginger, cook it with them. Just say something open. You can not do anything. Then you leave. After a few days, send your twin sister. He will cook for me and cook me. Because Ayesha cut the phone. I think that Ayesha was angry or would really send her sister? Aysha will not come before six days.

That means that Ayesha’s sister means my sister in law. I wish to dance in happiness. The father-in-law house is not far away. It takes hours to come. I cooked the rice and cooked the meat. According to Ayesha, I did all the yellow, pepper, ginger, salt. After cooking the curry, he got ready after bathing. after sometime, The food table is growing at the time, who at the door who knocked. Surely sister in law is coming. I danced a little to the delight. Going to the door, I opened the door in a little more. Sister in law Nayesha has come with wear my favorite blue sari.

I knew your sister would not come before six days. Actually, you came, However. That’s why Ayesha took my hand in. But there is no smile on the face of the Ayesha What is the matter? I said to sister in law. Today I’m cooking for yourself, you’ll come. Sit down Upon hearing the word, she got up from the chair. I do not see the sight and they do not remain that it is Ayesha. I mean my wife. What are the difficulties I have to recognize two sisters in Odessa? Sometimes I say to the wife sister in law, and sometimes I call the sister in law a wife. But what is the matter of his coming six days later but why did he come today? Why is it coming to me slowly?

He came up and stood in my ear and said, ‘When are you learning from fraud?’

Are these cooking for your sister in law? Let’s say a little lie to make her happy. Seeing my silent eyesight, Ayesha’s anger has diminished slightly. He looks very angry with me. But more than her love. I was thinking I would eat to eat and I would go to see the silly movie. It’s Ayesha that we have understood before. It is very difficult to understand that between the two sisters, it is very difficult to understand. Occasionally I think to copy one. Like Ayesha, her sister Nasha did the same thing. Fear is too much. We married for just a year. If I have another brother, her sister, Anatan wife in this house also. My wife is always with me. If there is a quarrel sometimes she went to her father’s house. But my love attracts her to come at me back.

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