Sacrifice is an element of love

Ask someone what their first thought is when they hear the term ‘sacrifice’ and you will probably end up getting a gloomy response. Sacrifices are often driven by compassion and as humans, compassion is one of our dominant traits. It’s one of those few things that separate us from animals. Although compassion may drive us to sacrifice, we still feel a sort of pain when we give up something to gain some level of happiness or relief. And that’s what leads to the negative connotation the word ‘sacrifice’ has.

But what is love without sacrifice? We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet. One of the more prominent examples of sacrifice for the sake of love. However, we do not know the countless stories of ordinary lovers who sacrifice something just for their significant others. In relationships, there will always be hurdles. And these hurdles can all be overcome through sacrifice and compromise. Sacrifices come in all forms: from trivial things like sacrificing sleep to talk to a lover all night to leaving a lover because one thinks they are not good enough. Without sacrifice, love cannot thrive.

Although sacrifices can be excruciating, anyone in a relationship understands that they are needed to keep their relationship alive. Actually, even if one is alone they understand just how vital sacrifices are for their own stability. You may have given up a shot at love because you were scared the person wouldn’t reciprocate the same feelings and depending on how you view love, you may have given up a shot at happiness too. Despite knowing how dangerous sacrifices can be, they are a part of every relationship because the smile of a significant other gives us a reason to live and the tears of a significant other breaks our heart.

Having said all this. It is very important to remember that sacrifices shouldn’t be the only thing keeping a relationship alive.

Too many sacrifices often lead to an unhealthy relationship and lifestyle. For example, you might sacrifice a long rest after a rough day of work for a night out with your partner– but this can ruin your mood and a proposed fun night out can turn into a nightmare. This is just one of many examples. Sacrifices become even more dangerous. When your partner isn’t aware of the emotional and physical burdens that you experience to give them the happiness they crave. Things may then start to spiral out of control, resulting in heartbreak for both parties. What is the point of sacrifices if you are constantly mentally and physically drained? At the end of the day, one should put themselves first, even if it’s difficult.

Hence, it is important to remember to have self-control and not let sacrifices take over your relationship. You should make sacrifices, but only to a certain extent. What’s important is that you and your partner are aware of each other’s needs, and try to treat them with the utmost respect.

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