Rain wet Love

In the story, the boy’s name is Fahim and the girl’s name is Nila.

Nila: Hey, Fahim stood up…
Fahim: Why did you call back to me?
Nila: How do you feel? I have been wearied, Baishakhi Sari !!!
Fahim: (jokingly said) Ummm it’s good, but this girl looking better than you.
Nila: was angry with becoming the fire, She hardly catches the collar of Fahim’s shirt.) Why are you so brave to other women in front of me?
Fahim: (with a satiric laugh) Hmmm, that girl looking you more than I say. And I’m beautiful What do you say? (Nila) is all mine.
Fahim said, all your means ?? Nila did not answer anything.
Fahim said that I have so much work I am going. He started walking but Nila did not get any sound. Fahim was surprised to look behind.

Fearlessly crying, Nila’s loudness cry, Fahim’s liver explodes Due to the difficulty of going to love Fahim and Nile like Nila but never called. Fahim ran to Nila and asked Nila “What happen Nila? Why did you cry? “Nila said,” nothing, you get your way, “Fahim’s head became hot in anger, Fahim said in anger,” Who is saying to you? “Do you have any stupid boys teasing?” Nila said “no”. Now Fahim told Nila with a shout, “Do not you tell me what’s wrong, but it will be very bad”, said Nila, “Fear of Fahim’s anger” tells the truth. Nina said, “Today, in the days of Pahela Baishakh, I have been preparing for you so much trouble and you have given other girl Beautifully, I’m feeling very bad.

Fahim smiled and said, “I’m a crazy one, I have said naughtily.

In fact, you feel like an awesome angel today, I’m telling you the truth,” said you silly. Fahim said, “No, you look very beautiful by God.”Nila still crying has said that you have so much work, Fahim said, “I do not have any special work” I do not speak with you even though Nila did not say “. Fahim said, “Are you still angry with me? Nila did not tell you that you are going to go. Fahim said I’ll admit that you punish me, but please do not get angry on me any more. At this time Nila said, I will not punish you, I will give only three conditions, You must have to obey them? Fahim said, “I am convinced” what condition do you have? Nila said that I will say one. Fahim said okay.

Nila has given Fahim the first condition. The first condition “I will be in the blotto food now” Fahim took Nila to the park’s shop and they ate blotto and Now Nila told about the second condition, You cannot look towards any girl, only look at me. “Fahim laughed at Nilar’s regime and laughed. Give it to me. Now the Nila and Fahim are sitting in the park and Fahim is fascinated by the beauty of the Nila. Fahim wants to talk to Nila in his heart speech, but he does not say that Nilar and his friendship are broken. Fahim’s eyes were on the lookout for Nina Fahim. And understand that Fahim wants to say something,

Nila thinks this time is the best time to tell Fahim about her love.

She will say something to Fahim But then Fahim said, “What is your third condition?”Nila found an Idea She thought that this is the best time to know Fahims heart so Nila asked Fahim, tell me what’s in your mind now? “If Fahim thinks this is probably the best opportunity, Fahim, sitting in front of Nila, told Nila with a flower hand “Nila I love you so much, in my eyes, there is no one better than you, I will not live without you.” Nila said, “I love to my baby, “Nila hugs Fahim. Fahim also hugged tightly, just as the rain came and gave them wet. Their rain wet love started with a new year.

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——————-The End——————-

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