Online relationships versus Real relationships

Boys sending friend requests to unknown girls and girls stalking out unknown boy’s profiles are not something unusual. It is very common in today’s world. And undoubtedly there are a lot of relationships happening online, where neither the boy nor the girl has met each other in real life. But they do share a very cheesy connection with each other. In that way, the makers of the social media sites have been one of the greatest gifts of all from the almighty for many of us!

What is new in real life relationships?

Yes, lots of things are happening new in real life relationship too. Trust me, the owners of showpiece shops and flower sellers are the ones who love Valentine’s Day a lot. Not because they have their dear ones but their sales usually go higher than the usual sale! That is all for the business zones. Online relationships and real relationships do not clash with each other but they do have a vast difference among them. In some people’s opinion, real relationship is ideal and for some, online relationships are ‘modernized blessing’s!

Online relationships are built on trust only and therefore not much reliable. A study shows online relationships have 6.8% success rate on aggregate. Not everyone has had an enjoyable experience in it. But for a few, it is really a divine source. Online relationships are formed basically by just sending friend requests to strangers. More than anything else, it is built upon a foundation made up of virtual impressions, unreal feelings which may be misguided at any point of time. Technically if we think, technology might be a boon for all of us but in case of online relationships, it can serve as a bad master.

We are all well aware of the apps that are built to artificially re-design a person’s face and body. Nowadays a makeup kit fails in front of those apps. A person, who is ugly in looks, can turn him/herself handsome and beautiful within a blink of an eye. Love is redefined as a matter of “looks, posts, stories” which is too unrealistic to take. But yes, it always differs from person to person.

Few couples really do succeed in online relationships

All you require is a completely blind trust upon each other. Trust is the core thing of a relationship. Therefore those who can go along the hard way respecting each other’s trust and dignity, they end up succeeding. There are many cases about marriages that took place and the couples gave the whole credit to “Mr. Online”! Online relationships can mislead a person too. There several circumstances where people committed suicide over heartbreaks in online relationships. One must not be so foolish to dedicate all his/her precious feeling for someone who does not deserve it. People go into depression. Some become drug addict only because his/her online met sweetheart blocked the account or have done such things! Therefore it is suggested that online relationships are not very much reliable for an ideal relationship.

Real Relationships

On the other hand, are a much reliable source. Because it has a realistic touch. One can see each other and that is very important for building relationships. In real relationships, each other’s things are transparent to each other so there are lesser chances of misleading. Real relationships facilitate meeting each other and that is the most important thing for a relationship. It builds real faith and feelings for each other. Real relationship will make you more comfortable. Because your partner’s most of the things are well aware of you. So it is ideal to have a real-life relationship as it gives you a more of an absolute tangible feeling of love. There is almost 70% success rate in real life relationships as the couples know most of the things of each other. Yes, there are cases of breakups and divorces but everything has its darker side.

Therefore a combination of both online and real relationships is the most ideal relationships. At the end of the digital world, the ultimate aim of every relationship is to turn it into reality. Someday or the other relationships have to turn into offline. So balancing both needs to be taken care of. Only then you can experience a world of love and trust in the era where keeping faith is dying slowly in people. Wish you all the best for your relationship.

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