Talks between boyfriend and girlfriend

Boyfriend: Give me your picture right now.

Girlfriend: I can’t

Boyfriend: I don’t understand anything. just Want your picture.

Girlfriend: I can not give you my picture. I don’t like taking pictures and how long I will say.

Boyfriend: I gave you ten minutes, give me the picture in it.

Girlfriend: If I take pictures, then I would give it to you.

Boyfriend: Now you give me your picture?

Girlfriend: NO!

Boyfriend: You said you love me a lot and can not give a picture. This is your love?

Girlfriend: Why are you doing so today? Do not always like to take pictures. I don’t like anything anymore right now.

Boyfriend: Do not talk to me anymore.

Girlfriend: What’s wrong with me? Why are you doing this to me today? Why did you do that for a picture?

Boyfriend: Give me your picture or I’ll break up.

Girlfriend: (Angry) I did not give the picture. Do whatever you want.

Boyfriend: Okay, I break up with you.

Girlfriend: You want to break up but you have to eradicate all your content from my life. Then I’ll break up.

Boyfriend: Can not delete any memory.

Girlfriend: Then why you want to break up?

Boyfriend: I don’t understand anything. you die.

Girlfriend: (feeling sad) Are you happy if i die?

Boyfriend: I do not want to hear so much. Give me your picture or break up with you.

Then the boy left the online. The boy got very hurt by sorrowing the girl. The boy cries a lot. The girl does not say anything else. leave online. All day crying hiding. He always looked at the hands of the mobile when his boyfriend would call or massage him. But his boyfriend does not call him. The girl gets more pain and she’s crying. The girl then made the message to the boy.

Girlfriend: How much trouble will you give me?

After a long time, the boyfriend cut his own hands and wrote a letter with blood. The letter’s picture sends to the girl. The girl opens the picture and sees it in the blood. “Sorry, I LOVE YOU” With a cut hand on the picture. She got very sad to see the boy’s blood in the boy’s hand. She Call her lover immediately.

Girlfriend: (Crying) Why did you cut your hand?

Boyfriend: I did not understand you. So take average of my sorrow by sorrowing myself.

Girlfriend: Who am I to you?

Boyfriend: My life.

Girlfriend: Where do I live?

Boyfriend: in my heart.

Girlfriend: That means I’m in your body.

Boyfriend: Yeah.

Girlfriend: If you have pain in your body then who will get hurt?

Boyfriend: You.

Girlfriend: You cut your hand, my pain is increasing or decreasing?

Boyfriend: Increasing 🙁

Girlfriend: You know very well that if you cut your hands I would get hurt. So you’re cutting your hands after hurting me.

Boyfriend: I will never cut, my bird. I will never hurt you anymore.

Girlfriend: Will you remember?

Boyfriend: Yes my Dear.

This way their love survived until death.

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