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Marriage issues in the Philippines are among the most common topics that we deal with on social media. When it comes to relationships with our partners, we often go through stress and strain during certain times. Whether you’re already married or still single, we can help you overcome any obstacle you may be facing.

In this article, we will explore some common problems of marriage in the Philippines and how to resolve these issues.

Is there an age limit for getting married in the Philippines? 

The law on marriage in the Philippines is similar to many other countries around the world. The legal age for marriage is 18 years old, and you need parental consent to get married. However, if your parents are dead or cannot give their consent, you can go ahead and marry at the age of 16.

 What Are The Requirements For Marrying a Filipino? 

5 Requirements To marry a Filipino

1. Must be a Filipino citizen or a permanent resident of the Philippines

2. Minimum age is 18 years old

3. At least 5 years residency in the Philippines as a foreigner

4. A significant period spent working and residing in the Philippines (minimum 1 year) if we consider for a marriage visa

5. Passport with validity not less than 6 months from marriage license application (except for those applicants who reside outside the country). 

How much does it cost to get married in the Philippines?

Marriage in the Philippines is a relatively cheap affair. The legal process to get married can be started for as low as P10,000. This includes an officiant fee of around P500. If you are having a wedding ceremony at a chapel or church, you can expect to pay between P5,000 and P15,000, depending on the size of your event.

The cost of most ceremonies starts from around P2,500 if they are being held at the groom’s home or rented venue. Ceremonies with larger crowds may cost up to twice that amount. 

But keep in mind that it is not just about what you spend but also how much time and effort your guests will put into making this special day memorable.

What is the significant role of marriage in Filipino society?

Marriage is a very important institution in Filipino society. It’s not only an agreement between two people but also a social agreement among families and friends.

In traditional society, marriage is not based on love or attraction but economics and social relationships. This indicates that the first time you marry, it should be for reasons like finding a partner with a similar background to yours. 

In this modern era, most Filipinos still view marriage as an economic arrangement which is why many people choose to marry young. Because they believe that by getting married young, they will have the best chance of being successful in life.

However, there are also many Filipinos who don’t mind waiting until they find someone whom they truly love before getting married.

Marriage issues in the Philippines 2021

When you get married, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it will be forever. You want your marriage to last and be successful because that means happiness and love for you both. However, this is not always true as there are many issues in a marriage such as:

• Marital problems

Marital problems in the Philippines are a big problem, and we should be aware of them.

The divorce rate in the Philippines is quite high, and every couple who has marital problems should take care of this matter as soon as possible. Because marriage is a lifelong commitment. 

I think there are three main reasons why people get into marital problems:

1. Lack of communication skills

2. Poor romance life, which leads to lack of intimacy between spouses

3. Inability to handle stress or difficult situations in life, which can cause disagreements between spouses.

Solution Of Marital Problems: 

The good news is that couples can overcome these problems if they want to! Communication skills are very important when it comes to solving marital issues a. A healthy life will lead to a happy marriage which everyone wants! It may seem not easy at first, but with time, you will see results, and you will have a better relationship with your spouse. 

• Divorce issues

The country of the Philippines is a peaceful place to live. However, divorce issues do exist in the country. There are many reasons why divorce occurs, and they can be classified into two types:

1. Legal grounds for divorce.

2. Non-legal grounds for divorce.

Solutions to divorce issues:

To start a successful marriage, you need to have all the things that would help you build a strong relationship with your partner, such as respecting each other’s needs and desires, being considerate of each other’s feelings, and so on. 

People who live together should try their best not to break up. Because if we want our relationships to last, we must work hard to make them work instead of blaming each other when they end up breaking down!

• Domestic violence or abuse 

There are three domestic violations in the Philippines after marriage:

1. Cruelty, which is defined as “unlawful and unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering.” It may be committed by one who willfully inflicts such pain or suffering upon another person; 

2. Physical injuries, which means any hurt to the body of another person; 

3. Criminal breach of trust, which includes any willful and malicious taking and retention of property without cause or excuse for a wrongful purpose and with intent to defraud.”

Solution of domestic violations after marriage:

If the parties are still together and no legal action has been taken against them, it is possible that a court would allow a separation without a divorce. However, it would be up to the judge to decide if they can live together as husband and wife or not. 

• Cheating 

Why do people cheat? I believe it is because they are not happy in their relationship. Often, couples feel that if they leave their partner, they will never find another one as good as theirs, so they stay together, hoping things will get better. 

There are different kinds of cheating like:

  • emotional cheating
  • physical cheating
  • financial cheating. 

The most common one among all these is emotional cheating. This may occur due to boredom, loneliness, or feeling neglected by the partner.

Solution of violence after marriage:

The key here is to make sure that you do not commit any mistakes and avoid making your partner feel insecure about you. At the same time, avoid creating a bad atmosphere within your relationship because then both of you will find it difficult to work things out. 

• Money problems

Money problems after marriage are common. Marriage is a very important event in a person’s life, and it creates a lot of expectations from both partners. However, if you’re going through money problems after marriage, there are some things that you can do to overcome them.

Solution of money problems after marriage:

You can start by discussing with your partner the problem and setting realistic goals together. It would be best if you also tried to find out what is causing the problem and how you can fix it. This will help you take charge of your finances again because now you know what’s wrong and how to fix it. 

There are many resources available online that provide tips on how to handle money issues before marriage. 

What are the issues in Filipino intermarriages? 

If you have been in a relationship with a Filipino, it is important to know that there are six things you need to consider before deciding if your relationship will last. These include:

1. Cultural differences

2. Financial issues

3. Family background and relationships

4. Physical appearance 

5. Communication and conflict resolution skills 

6. Homelife – housing and transportation – what happens when one partner has to travel for work?

There are many factors that come into play when deciding whether or not intermarriage will be successful. But it all comes down to the personal preference and compatibility of the two people involved and their willingness to make adjustments where necessary. 

Once you know what you want out of your relationship, make sure both parties understand these six points so they can proceed with confidence!

What are the legal impediments of marriage Philippines?

In the Philippines, marriage is a personal decision that should be made between two consenting adults. This means that if you want to get married, you must obtain the permission of your parents and a judge before going through with it.

According to Republic Act No. 7925 or the Family Code of the Philippines, no person shall marry anyone who is already legally married or has been legally separated from their spouse. But this law will not be applied in case of death or judicial separation under existing laws. 

In addition, it shall also be unlawful for a male over 18 years old to marry a female below 16 years old without parental consent.

In other words, no one can force another person into marriage unless there are strong reasons for doing so, such as abuse and rape. Otherwise, if you do not want to get married because of this reason alone, then I suggest you reconsider your decision. Because getting married will only make things worse for you in the long run!

How can I void my marriage issues in the Philippines?

You can void your marriage issues in the Philippines by filing a petition for annulment of marriage.

The easiest way to file for an annulment is to contact the court directly. However, if you are living outside the Philippines, it may be more complicated. The easiest thing to do is find a lawyer who can handle this case and have them file the necessary documents with the appropriate court in your country. You will need to hire a lawyer. 

Because you will have to prove that there was no consent between you and your spouse when you were married.

To prove that there was no consent, you will need evidence. Such as divorce papers showing that your spouse already filed for divorce before marrying someone else or records showing that they have been married before or had children from previous marriages. 

Final thoughts 

 I know that Marriage issues in the Philippines are a sensitive topic, but if you’re in a relationship, it’s important to understand how things work in your country. 

We hope you will like her post and take it as an opportunity to learn more about marriage problems in the Philippines. Please feel free to comment on this article if you have any questions or queries about Marriage issues in the Philippines.

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