There was a time when people didn’t agree with a love marriage. But now it’s changed. ‘Marriage‘ the word doesn’t mean for a girl or boy, but it also means their parents, relatives. When a boy married a girl, there create many relations such as father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and all that. So we have to maintain the relationship both of all. In a arrange marriage, firstly the girl feels very shy about her new home or last home. Especially, in a joint family, it’s become very tough for a girl to maintain household works. it becomes very easy when her husband and her law’s help her to do all things. But after some time she thinks that she is a part of her new family and her family also accept as a daughter-in-law.

But when a girl find the love what is given by her mother home, she became very happy. Her happiness knew no bound.

But at that time, we all have an equal right to decide an important part of our life. We can choose our life partner in our way. I want to share a story about a arrange marriage.

There was a boy who was very serious about his study. He is annoying, talkative and also friendly. Suddenly he met a girl, who was his classmate. They both discuss their study. Day by day the girl and the boy getting very close. So one year later, the girl fell in love with the boy. She became very happy and she always keeps her smile on the face.

That’s called ‘The effect of love’.

By the way, after some day she realized that she has to confess her feelings to him. When he proposed to him, he didn’t accept her proposal. But the boy also loves her but he didn’t understand. The girl became very disappointed to hear that and thought she didn’t keep the contract with the boy. She went to London. 3 years later, the boy realized that he loves the girl but he also realized that it’s too late. He had to spend 3 years to understand his feelings. But the boy tries the heart and soul to find the address of the girl. He also went to London with his parents. His parents propose to the girl parents. Girl parents accepted the proposal without listening to the girl.

When the girl knew all he became very angry but her parents didn’t listen to her. The wedding day, the girl was him and just shocked. But she didn’t tell anything to anybody. After Marriage, the boy confesses his love but the girl very angry and disappointed so that she slapped him. The girl started crying so much. The boy tried to understand that he made a big mistake. The young lady stated, 3 years had been gone yet you didn’t keep the agreement with me by any stretch of the imagination. The boy replied that ‘I am so sorry for this, please forgive me. I will give me all the years to you, just for you. The girl thought he loved her so she should not angry with him. So she again confesses her love and shows her love to him.

But the girl was very angry with her parents. Because they didn’t listen to her and at the point, she wanted to do suicide. However, they both come to each other and after some week the girl sorts out all problem with her parents. They both a arrange marriage and also a love marriage. 💖

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    May 16, 2019 at 3:31 am

    This is one of the India telephrics love friction.!!!

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