Once there is a great time when a boy wrote love letters for a girl whom he loved. There had no other best communication way. They did not meet each other easily but at that time we all have a great communication system. Because we live in an age of science. We send messages through mobile phone or computer. It’s our digital way to communicate.

In the story, the boy’s name is Niloy, and the girl’s name is Pori.

Niloy and Pori both loved each other very much. One day, they made a promise that they would never let them down. They also promised that their family was first and foremost so anything good or bad happens, they never left their family. Pori always wanted that Niloy gave her a love letter every day. But Niloy didn’t agree with her. So one day they argued about this. Pori told him with angry that, “you didn’t love me at all, you are not good, you are a mad boy. Niloy knew that sometimes Pori gets very angry so she says anything without understanding. Niloy replied her oh idiot, in this modern age why should I write a letter to you-you rather I could send a message and talk to you through the mobile phone. Pori didn’t want to listen to anything to him.

Niloy noticed that Pori was very angry so he told her that he would write a letter to her every day. Pori was very impressed to heard that. And said, “you are really my hero and also my life.

One day Niloy was writing a love letter, suddenly his mother’s saw this. So she doubts about, “is Niloy had a relationship with someone?” Actually, Niloy’s parents did not want that Niloy have any relation with someone. After a few days, Niloy’s mother asked him that “what are you doing? did you have any relation with someone?” Niloy replied that Yes, mother I had. His mother told him that, “break the relation, we wouldn’t accept this.” Niloy told that no mother, I couldn’t. I love pori very much, I couldn’t live without her. Please accept. His mother didn’t listen to him. She told that “you would not go anywhere next.”

Niloy wrote a letter that, “our relations was at stake.

Please do something.” The person who gave a letter to pori, he came. Niloy called him slowly. Fortunately, his mother was not at home. When pori received and read the letter, she was very tensed. She told about her relationship with her parents. Her parents accepted all. But what would they do! Pori told that they should go to Niloy’s home with the proposal. Next day, pori’s parents went to Niloy’s home but they didn’t accept proposal rather they insult them very badly. Listening all that pori was very tensed that she goes off. Their parents immediately went to the hospital.

But Pori asked for Niloy. When Niloy knew about Pori’s condition, he blamed his parents. He went to the hospital. When Pori open her eyes, she saw Niloy and she was absolutely fine. Niloy’s parents are good at heart so they went to the hospital. After seeing Pori, they realized their mistake. They accept the proposal but Pori’s parents was angry at them. But seeing Pori, they also accept everything. Pori and Niloy get married. Now Niloy wrote a love letter for Pori everything and Pori also replied to him. But they was very ashamed that they broke their promise about taking care of the family. And they again made the promise.

Their love letter became a successful letter.

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