Love is Happiness Anger and Pain

‘Love’ – just four letters but they hold more meaning than almost every other word in the dictionary. If you’ve experienced it, you will know just why so. If you haven’t, you still probably know, to some extent, why it holds so much weight.

Although just a word, it has been a cause of someone’s happiness, someone’s anger, or someone’s pain. Like, for some, love is the epitome of the perfect life, for others, it’s a curse or a bad memory.

So why do most of us crave love? The answer to this question varies from one person to another. But there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is we want to love because we want to feel special. As humans, it gives us a sense of immense joy when we feel we are ‘one of a kind’, ‘unique’ etc. There may be different reasons for this but it could be that some of us were made to feel unimportant at one point, so to erase a happening like that we want to feel like we mean something to someone even if it’s temporary. Or, it could just be a simple craving to fulfil a brief desire.

Whatever it is, how beautiful is it to get a text message from someone who’s constantly thinking about you? How beautiful is it to stare into the eyes of someone and see the whole world in them? What beautiful is it hold someone’s hand and feel a warming sensation every time? How beautiful is it to wake up next to someone who makes your heart flutter? Trying to put such feelings into words is probably something even the best writers struggle with till this day.

But these are only a few feelings a person in love experiences.

In the back of our heads, we know that fate might have other plans and something beautiful can come crashing down in seconds, but we still cherish all those little moments and enjoy what we can with that special someone who makes us feel special as well. When things do go south, those past feelings of self- doubts and unimportance come running back. Not everyone is lucky to experience the efficacious side of love. Hence, anger and pain are just natural consequences of something that’s as beautiful as love but we tolerate it because as the quote goes ‘love is blind’.

Most people are aware of how ‘costly’ love can be, literally and mentally but as long as humans continue to exist, love is something we will always want. The want of love trumps almost every other feeling. But again, love isn’t just having a significant other, multiple feelings come with it as well. Whether it be happiness, pain or anger, none of us can deny love is something that keeps us, humans, alive. It’s not just one directional; humans want love to live and love keeps humans alive. Even if we are broken a thousand times, we will constantly look for a way out and that way out is mostly love.

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