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‘Love’ is a beautiful word in the world. We love our parents, our sisters, our brothers and so many persons in relationship. It’s a beautiful bond which is made from our born. But at the time we have to love other people who are our life partner though it’s a girl or boy. It’s very difficult to find out the right person to be a life partner. We fall in love before marriage or after marriage. Someone has to leave her house and someone has to take her into his house. Then they both maintain a relationship. They have to know each other completely. It’s also very important to show love with each other. There are lots of ways to show love such as anniversary celebration, birthday celebration, every occasion celebration and so one with each other.

The college student Armaan who was walking fast to catch his class. Suddenly a girl coming to him and she fall down into the floor. Armaan was laughing to see her. The girl told him, “I am falling down and you are laughing, how could you”? Armaan replied to her that he was sorry and gave his hand to her. The girl was looking so gorgeous because she was wearing a blue sari with a white earring. So Armaan said to her, “you are looking beautiful and gorgeous. The girl thanked him and went to her class. Armaan was feeling something for the girl. But he didn’t know her name. He wanted to know her. So the following day he went to the college to find her. He tried heart and soul and at the point, he went to her class.

But there was a teacher that’s why he didn’t talk to her. After ending the class, Armaan went to her and asked her name. The girl replied to him that her name is Rita. Armaan was studied in Class 12 and Rita was studied in Class 11. Now they talked so much and sometimes they miss their class. Every night Armaan end their talk by saying, “good night”. And Rita told him, “ok, bye”.

After 6 months Armaan realized that he falls in love with Rita. Rita also falls in love with Armaan.

When he proposed her, Rita accepted him and told him, “ok”. Armaan told her,” just ok, nothing else.” Rita replied in the negative that there was nothing to say. Armaan was shocked to hear that. By the way, he was happy about Rita that she accepted him. Armaan remembered the day when he saw Rita just love at first sight.

So he was talking to her, “do you remembered what happened in this day with us”? Rita replied to him that she forgot. Armaan told her, “Today is the same day when we met first”. Rita told him, “oh sorry, actually exam is knocking so I am too busy with my study that’s why I forgot. Armaan told that “it’s ok”.

After finish, the exam Armaan and Rita went to the sea beach. They spend time with each other. But the fact that Armaan always show his love for Rita and she didn’t. Rather she ignored. 26 January, Armaan’s birthday so he expected that Rita would wish him first. But Rita forgot his birthday at all and Armaan was very angry about that. End of the day, Armaan call her and asked her, “did you forget my birthday?” Rita replied, “oh I am really sorry”. Armaan told her, “no problem, now I understand you didn’t love me, you always ignore me and I always show my love to you”. Armaan cut the call and started crying too much that he didn’t go anywhere. He always stays at home. Someday later, Rita also understands that it’s very important to show love. So she went away Armaan home.

But he didn’t open the door. Rita was crying outside of the door and told, “she was really sorry, please open the door”. She stays a day there, next morning Armaan open the door and saw her. Rita opens her eyes, she saw that Armaan was falling on the floor. So she took him in the hospital.

The doctor told her that he didn’t eat and sleep all day that’s why he became very weak. Then Rita bought fruits and took full care of him. After a week, Armaan was absolutely fine and saw that Rita was sat next to him. He was angry and told her, “what are doing here?” Rita didn’t tell him any more thing and run away. The doctor told Armaan that how Rita take care of him! Armaan went to Rita’s house and told her that he was sorry. Rita told him, “I did a big mistake but I really didn’t know how to show love and I never did that so please understand my way. I will try my best to care for everything about you”. Ramadan was very pleasant and forgave her. Then they always care and show their love with each other.

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