I still love you but now situation control our love

We always love our loved people. But in situations, we all have to face difficulties. And also remember the situation can change many big things that are we don’t want. There was a time and now, both are very different. We can’t control our mind in our way. Maybe! If we try hard, we can control 90 per cent. But the 10 percent that we never can control because of this all about our feelings like sad, angry, emotional. So this 10 percent would finish the 90 percent. Oh, 90 percent is our for lead life that we expected.

There are some people who thought that we should listen to everything in order for our mind. If we do that, then our sadness, anger, emotional could make a big place in our life. And then we can’t lead a happy life! But there is a matter if our mind wanted to be happy then please listen to your mind.

Though we try our best to don’t listen to our mind, we would fail. Because sadness, anger, emotional have become part of our life. But keep trying to control all that.

I love you or I loved you, both are not the same at all

We know, We easily fall in love anytime but to maintain the love is very difficult. And that I love you can change in I loved you just because of our irresponsibility. So if you love anyone, just try to maintain it greatly. Sometimes we cross our limit for love and that’s need also. But to cross the limit, you have to be brave. Please cross your limit in a positive way and don’t cross limit that makes one unhappy. Remember, love doesn’t for any girlfriend, boyfriend only, it’s about the whole world. But the problem is we don’t remember anything when we fall in love. We just think about her or him. Those people who can think about everybody in this situation, he/she is really loved that I thought.

Nusrat just finished her final exam. She already decided to go to her hometown during off time. So today she is going to her favourite place, her hometown. Actually, she loves natural beauty very much, so when she gets the time she went there. So she arrived at the bus station and got a seat on the Window side that she wants. After some time, a boy came and sat next to her. Nusrat didn’t react to him, she just enjoyed the beauty of nature. But the boy was very pleasant to see her love about nature. He asked her, “Are you love nature?” Nusrat replied in the affirmative that she loves it very much that she could not explain in word. Then they introduced each other nicely. The boy’s name is Sakib who was going home see his parents. Sakib took her contract number and she gave him too.

Everything is going very good with them.

To talk to each other, they didn’t realize when they reach their home. Nusrat went to her hometown and she was very excited about Sakib. Sakib calls her at night and they talked whole the night. Nusrat forgets about nature and Sakib forgets about his parents. After 2 years, Sakib’s parents fixed a proposal to marry. Sakib didn’t listen to them because he loves Nusrat. But his parents gave him promise to marry in their choice. Also, Sakib’s father is a heart patient. So he didn’t want to break their promises. So Sakib texts her that “he could not keep contact with her, be happy”. Nusrat just shocked and call him but his phone is switched off. So she went to his house but didn’t find him. She tried so hard but she could not meet him.

About 3 years, when Nusrat sat on the bus to go to her hometown, she saw Sakib. But he was married and also had a little daughter. Nusrat faces it and controls her feelings. Sakib also saw Nusrat and went to her. He explained her all but she was angry because he could not tell all thing before. Sakib told her,” I still love you, but now situation control our love. So it just doesn’t mean anything anymore in our life.”

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