I hate that I love you

‘Hate’ is the opposite of love. We meet thousands of people who don’t know us and we also don’t. We meet people introduced each other for many purposes. But without our self-concept, we meet some special person, those who become a part of our life. On the other hand, we dislike some people. It depends on our choices, our necessary, our unnecessary and also our emotions. In our mankind, we should love and help all. Only love can distribute happiness. We share our happiness, sadness and whatever we want with whom we like most.

There is a similar between love and hate.

And that is- when we fall in love with someone, we just thinking about him/her. Similarly, when we hate someone, we also thinking about the person in all way. But yes! We think it indifferently both. One person becomes very happy to think about the person whom he/she loves and one person become very sad and awkward to think about the person whom he/she hates. Our feelings are everything to us. We behave according to our feeling. Sometimes we don’t understand what we feel.

Then we get confused and most of the time we choose the wrong decision. To know our feelings, we can share it with our close friend or person who could understand us. However, we should love everyone and help them. Though we want to help and love everyone, sometimes the situation creates huge misunderstanding. Then we can’t realize what is right or what is wrong. It’s just happening and we can’t control.

Ayat is a very noble girl who helps people. When she sees the poor people, she feels very pity for them. And somehow she makes a promise to herself that she would help and love all the people.

Firstly, she started a charity house whose name is “Love All”.

She helps helpless people and gives them their basic needs. One day she brought a child who was an orphanage. She felt pity for him and named him Nakib. Nakib told her that he has a brother but his brother can’t meet him because he is in jail. Ayat promises him that she will take him to meet his brother. When she meets his brother she just ran away. Because at the age of 9 she met with his brother, Kamal. He was her love. But he killed her father accidentally. Then she went away from him. Actually, Ayat’s father was not a good person.

Somehow Kamal knows about his business which was harmful to children. And that’s why Kamal tries to stop him but accidentally he died. However, after some weeks Ayat went to Kamal and Kamal tried to understand it’s was an accident. Ayat without understanding told him,” I hate that I love you”. Kamal free from the jail after 2 years and he found his brother Nakib. Nakib Colin him to Ayat and seeing him, Ayat get angry. Nakib was crying and told her, ” he is my brother, my all. He is good at heart. ” Kamal told her, “if I made crime, then I am done with it. And you know very well about your father.” Ayat replied in the affirmative that he is right and told him though he is not good after all he is my father. Ayat also told him,” please took your brother with you”.

Now I am happy with myself.

Kamal took his brother and went his office way. Also, Ayat continues working on poor people. She almost forgets about Kamal. But sometimes she remembered her love and started to cry. Then she consoles herself that her love was changed into hate. Ayat knows his father but she loves her father a lot that’s why now she hates her love.

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