how to impress boys

Always a girl or boy fall in love with each other. But when girls fell in love and she wanted to impress his favourite person, she has to do all the things that he likes. Firstly, girls have to know that is there anyone in his life who likes her and he also likes her. If there is nobody, she will not lucky one. Then she needs to know how is he! So she needs to talk to him. Then she has to make a friendship bonding. She also has to know his lifestyle, likes and dislikes. To impress him, she can wear his favourite sari or something else what he likes.

Every boy’s wanted that his wounds be wife will be beautiful and brilliant. So be beautiful with him by outlook and at heart. It’s not the fact all people are beautiful at heart. So be a good person than not only boys but also everybody will like you. Sometimes our favourite person doesn’t notice us, then we have to do something that can notify us.

“Impress” is not easy though that wanted a girl or a boy.

But if you want something at heart, you can get it. Girls need to find a better or best way to impress boys. She has to well dress up. Because firstly boys notice their outlook. Then girls have to be well talked with them. Boys also like the girl’s smile in face. So girls have to smile when she talked with him. She has to be also romantic. After some day she can share her happiness and sadness. And girls have to listen to everything carefully that boys say. When boys became angry for any reason, girls have to talk smoothly that their anger will no longer. She has to show how much she cares about him.

Then boys will be happy to see all that. It helps her to impress him. She also has to show how happy she was when she talked with him. But when boys ignored the girls, girls have to try to talk with him. If he doesn’t talk with her, it’s mean he doesn’t like her. So girls also have to ignore him than boys will be understood that she has anyone. Then the boys again went to her to be her first priority. It says the different style to impress. To abut impressing she can also try with following. To follow anyone, it’s not easy anymore. She can use Facebook and follow there. Then she has to talk beautifully or text message nicely, then boys will be impressed. After some day he started liking her.

On the other hand, almost all boys wanted that his crush will be his life partner. So be his crush. You can be his crush easily just believe yourself. Especially you have to speak nicely to him that he like. And please be his best friend because most of the time boys like her best friend most. Don’t be over-confident that he definitely impress by you. If he doesn’t, don’t worry. Just keep trying and also try to follow his choice. Lastly, remember one thing that ‘ everything is fear in love and war’.

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  1. Shan Tennyson

    April 25, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    Many thanks to you for sharing these types of wonderful threads.

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