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It is love, a sacrifice, a cause for self-cause, and a cause for being wronged.

Love is to keep the image of someone in your mind, to care for him, to evaluate him, to protect his honour, to be love.

Love is the survival of the living, the hope of surviving, the love of survival, and the desire to be alive. It is not a promise to save. Just love Takei, I believe he’s the arm. Don’t dream about him, to meet his dreams.

It is not loving to go to the marketplaces after miles, or for hours after hours. Love is a blend of heart and soul. It is just to feel lonely in the breath, to have a little desire from her small, the stability of the old, to find her best.

Love is the desire to see someone, the mind is restless, his thoughts awake, his own happiness in him, and the love of a little smile, and the greatest of all life is his. And all love does not succeed. It doesn’t mean to waste your life if you fail in love. You have to learn to accept reality by controlling passions. Love on Earth doesn’t end in a little. it does not come once in a lifetime. Love Comes to life many times. It means understanding each other. If I don’t understand the person I love, this love doesn’t seem to have any meaning.

I think it’s a big thing to be able to the people I love when I love your face.

Love lives or survives in mutual trust. There may not be love in the love that has a shortage of faith, but it is social protection.

Whoever goes to love. Love is a feeling of great purity. You should not have a love for selfishness. Love is the world’s most-loved relationship where there will be no desire, no interest, there is only love. If you are unhappy, you cannot be happy with your love. Someone will bring happiness in your life and not be in love with anyone. Rather, love the thought of bringing happiness to someone’s life.

Love is the thing to give, not the things to take. If you get more happiness than making love, you’re still not going to go deep in love. Compare some happiness with the happiness that is found in deep love! expectation True love just wants to make the man in love happy, not expecting any reward from him. The pressure of expectations slowly kills love. The man you love is not the machine to meet your expectations.

True love makes people free, not tied up. Love is like opium, not iron chains. Your loving man will very likely come back to you if you give him free. Trying to hang a loving man with iron chains will try to fly the broken birdcage. Rather, it is a love for the birds.

There are many things do for a real relationship.

In a real relationship must be needed Love, Care, Emotion, Respect, Feelings, Trust, honesty and many others. A true Relationship has also fought, tears, jealous. There is no place for cheating and hurt a person. If you truly falling love and truly plan on creating a long – term relationship, you both must be honest with each other. Don’t use your partner emotion and don’t break the heart. Try to understand emotion. Both should understand their value for each other. Always try to express your emotions, loves and feelings. Be true and be confident to get close to your partner.

True Relationship means Your beloved partner accepts your past, supports your present and encourage your future. You should make your partner feel happy, romantic and comfortable with you. You should get time to create some special moment with your beloved. So let your life happy with your partner. If you don’t find your proper partner and wasting your valuable time on many websites for searching your Partner, please stop your searching. And registration our and find your partner.

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