Facebook love and online relationship

Love can happen anywhere and at any time. We don’t know what’s the time and what’s the place when it happens.

We live in an age of science. And we can easily connect with others. However, we also have to know each other connected. In our generation it almost in our hands. But there was a time when communication was very tough and difficult. In fact, we all heard that our parents, our grand life story. They told us how difficult to contact with others. They wrote a letter and this letter would be received after 5,6 days or sometimes 2 weeks. Now we are very lucky to have everything to lead a happy and comfortable life. Also, there are many social networks which are become part and parcel in our life. Especially Facebook is a very popular social media in the world. So we can also be connected through social media. There are other social networks like tweeter, Instagram etc. All that help us to know people around the world.

We can also make a relationship and maintain that. Today a lot of people find their life partner from social media. It is like Aladdin’s magic wand, so to say. Firstly they introduced each other and wanted to meet. We can also make a video call, live and so on to communication. It’s very easy for us because now we can contract all over the world. That’s all possible for the Internet. We made our relationship by using Facebook. As a whole currently, make online relations. We also maintain it nicely. Many love stories started in online. We found our life partner who is chosen by us. Also, we can keep the contract with her/him. Almost everybody has an online relationship and they maintain the relations smoothly.

Today Jerry wanted to open Facebook account because her all friend now using Facebook.

So she went to her father who is very experienced about that. Then her father opens an account and she is very happy. She sent a friend request to all friends. After some days she finds a friend request that she didn’t know who he! But she accepted the request. The boy who sent friend request name is Rafi. He started to text with her. Then Rafi asked her,” Do you know me?” Jerry was confused and replied to him in the negative. He told her,” If she remembered about her childhood?” He was playing with her in childhood as her childhood friend. Hearing that Jerry recognized about her childhood friend.

So Jerry started to talk with him and Rafi started to like her. Some days later Jerry also likes him. Now they talk and text messages all day long. Jerry uploads her profile photo and Rafi was reacted, love. Jerry realizing that Rafi likes her, so she proposed him. Rafi was very surprised but happy. He creates a status that he finds his partner in social media. Rafi accepted her proposal happily. Then they decided to marry. Even they fixed their marriage date online. And now they were a married couple who are maintain their relationship.

There are many people who now build online relationships. And Facebook helps us to find our love and to make relations. Because we can know lots of thing about our dear person. So make online relationships and maintain it nicely!

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