Dont test your Love just Believe

We don’t have to believe anyone just meeting for one time. We have to lead many days, many times for believing a person in the situation. It’s very important to believe people. In our relations, we maintain or believe balance. It’s not possible to maintain relations without believe. We can also say that belief is the first step in relations. If one side doesn’t believe the other side, their relations will destroy. So in every relation, believe is the must. But to have believed we need to test our near and dear by situation. Over-testing causes more problems in the relationship.

A girl was very sad. Suddenly a boy came to her and sat next to her. He asked her, “what happened?” She was quite silent. So the boy told her, “if you are sad for any important reason, you can tell me as I am an unknown person. So nothing to worry”. She replied to him that he was unknown so why she told him. The boy again told her, “okay, okay. Suppose I am your friend, now you can be told me”. She said that she was very sad because her boyfriend was left her. That’s why she didn’t know what should she do! The boy replied to her, “o it’s a common problem.

Nowadays everybody is breaking up and find another. She told him with angry, “excuse me, we are in a relationship about 2 years. But suddenly he told me that he could not stay with her”. The boy asked her, “are you don’t know the reason he left you? “She replied to him in the negative that she didn’t. The boy again told her, “please find out”. The girl said to him that he was right and run away.

Then she went to her boyfriend house to find him.

When she saw him, she asked him, what’s the problem?” He replied to her that she was sorry, he was just testing her. The girl became very angry but she was very happy to hear that. Her boyfriend went with her in a park. They talked very much. Now they can believe each other. One day, he updated a photo with his cousin’s sister. So the girl asked him, “who was she?” The boy didn’t reply to her. The girl again went to his house and asked him, “what are you doing with someone else?” He told her that she was his new girlfriend. Hearing that the girl about to go and at this point he stopped her and told her that he was again testing her to know how she reacts to see him with anyone.

The girl became very angry but he manages her in his way. So they again became a great couple. They also talk about how should they marriage! After a few weeks, he texts her now it’s enough, I was breaking up with you”. The girl again had a shock and again went to his house. But this time she asked him in a different way, “are you believe me or not?” The boy replied to her, “yes, I believe you and breaking up“. The girl runaway and wanted to die. But her boyfriend stopped her and told it was my another test of my love. Now this time the girl told him, “you didn’t deserve me. I am nothing to you. You were testing me and testing me that’s mean you didn’t believe me. So please leave me, if you test me in a lifetime I can’t tolerate”.

Then she went away. She again sits the same place where she sat first. So, the boy again asked her, “what happened?” This time she told, “I was breaking up because he didn’t believe me”. After that time the girl and boy became a very good friend and they believe their love. About 4 years later, they get married.

In your love, you don’t have to test just believe that situation will tell everything.

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