Does Love After Marriage Glow or Reduce

Alright, many times it is not uncommon to see a question arising in our mind that whether love decreases after marriage or there is always a never-ending harmony! It is a common question to the majority of people around the world. It differs from person to person. One person may end up loving his wife a lot more after marriage whereas two lovers may start hating each other after their marriage. There a lot of circumstances which affect our relationships. It may be the case that you expected to wake up with a loving kiss in the morning, a fascination of romantic short talks throughout the day and a loving time before going to sleep. These are unrealistic expectations we have in relationships. These do not usually get fulfilled in all our lives and we feel dissatisfied. We tend to expect love like in movies, after marriage.

This affects a happy married life

The second factor could be the effect of infatuation. At times we fall in “LIKE” of a person and get tempted to get married. And after marriage, we realize this was not the correct step we have taken in life. But then it is too late to come out of the trap. As usual, we get frustrate and start quarreling at home. Everything starts spoiling and our life turns into a rotten carcass. Therefore, we need to take these kinds of serious steps by thinking carefully.

Sometimes it can also be that we are too desperate to get on with someone. We are too bored of being single and then we just look for basically “anyone” as a life partner. For a few days it is a honey life but then after marriage when we start knowing that person slowly, we understand that it was not loved, rather the best option available around us! These things not only destroys our life but along with that, mental peace.

One of the worst feelings is that “get used to each other”. Yes, couples get used to each other and bored of being with each other. We are too used to the behaviors of each other and therefore we at times feel disgusted to spend time together. This causes unnecessary tension and fights. And it spoils the relationship.

The worst kind of thing that can happen is that people change after marriage. A lot of uncertainties happen in life and that changes our behavior. So, as usual, this affects couples. They get into quarrels and it generally disturbs the peace at home. Some cases even lead to divorce.

So these are few factors that affect the marriage life

But things can happen in other ways too. Everyone is not the same for all cases. After coming to each other after marriage the couples often begin to trust each other more. This is common in a most arranged marriage, one of the ideal sides of the arranged marriage. Couples begin to spend time together more because they feel whatever they know about each other is too less. So love starts to glow more.

As said before, it depends upon situations and couples. If one is loyal towards his/her relationship then automatically love will be the same but if they try to cheat on each other, nothing can change anything. So be loyal to your partner and everything else will fall in its place. And most importantly, always remember that a timely breakup is far better than a divorce.

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