Different aspects of LOVE in life

Meaning of LOVE is it difficult?

‘LOVE’ is not just a word to be justified, Its an eternal feeling. it has many different meanings, It has many aspects. It relates to every phase of our life very closely. It is observed as a lifeline of happiness. It’s very difficult to describe weakness in just one word but we can at least try to find its purpose from different aspects of life.

‘Sacrifice’ is an aspect of love. In a relationship, one cannot just expect to get something in return for one’s love. Because it’s not a deal between two parties, Its a connection between two hearts. Those hearts which are fully owned by each other, respect each other and most importantly love each other. Sometimes one partner may just need to sacrifice something for the sake of others.

For example, when one partner likes something but other partner doesn’t like it, for the sake of his partner he may sacrifice his desire for the thing. That is a sacrifice but a wonderful aspect of love. At the same time, the two persons in love sometimes need to compromise things for the betterment of their relationship and their partner.

Nobody is perfect in this world even the lovebirds in love aren’t.

So it is very obvious that their all habits and choices won’t always match with each other but that doesn’t mean that they would leave each other they must compromise on that situation and support each other. Because they themselves are their biggest strength to them.

Persons in love are always the beautiful ones. Support your loved ones because they love and trust you the most. If you are the biggest source of support to them then they are the luckiest one.

Life is too short to not encounter the franticness of adoration.

We may not give everything we want for someone. But We can at least try to give our full effort to do the thing, to make the person happy. An effort to make that soul feel that, you may be just a someone to the world but You are the most special soul I am blessed with. Because most valued thing you can ever give to your loved and dear ones is your precious time and efforts.

It is the measure of your love how much efforts do you give to keep the dear one happy and protect from the one from all evils and sadness. All our loved ones cherish from us is our bit attention filled with eternal love. Maybe that person is sacrificing his whole life for you. Your little efforts can make that person happy.

We dedicate our whole life in search of happiness

But it just here in every single moment spent with our near and dear ones. You just need to find your true source of happiness then you would found yourself to be the luckiest one in the earth. Love forever with eternity. Smile together with each other. Fight together for each other. Stay together and compliment each other. Most importantly love each other.

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