skin Color doesn’t matter in Love or Relationship

Skin Color doesn’t matter in Relationship

Love has got many variations of choosy stuff in today’s world. Few are even very cautious about what their lover wears, possess, the way they talk or looks more than the person him/herself. There is nothing abnormal in that but that is not truly ideal either. Few even have been too legendary to go one step ahead towards only materialistic affairs!

These things are crazy stuff that is so very common in today’s world. But what can we do about it either? Nothing much but just leave our unused opinions. Some people do take into consideration skin color too. Yes, it does matter at times but not all the time. If you have been following facebook memes then there were few posts a couple of days ago which showed collages of a few black men who got married to white women.

All they wanted to convey was that in today’s world a person’s skin color does not really matter. But in the comment section, we saw a different story. Many African women were angry and mentioned that the post hurt their sentiments as they felt those men were letting the black skin community down! But the logic was not correct in any way. Because one can not exactly control who he/she is going to fall in love with. Therefore if a person is too choosy about a person’s color then that person needs to rethink about his/her feelings towards his/her lover!

Love is a feeling and not any product which you can buy from a shop

To say ‘I love you’ is just a matter of one second and three words but love is not explained only from those portions of our personal life. Love needs to be felt, only then you can say that you love someone. When you love someone, that person’s each and every faults become sweet sins to you. That person’s anger seems cute, madness seems crazy. And if someone shows you a great fault in your lover, you basically say “even the moon has dark spots”! Such is love. A person’s color can no way determine the love and affection one has towards him/her. Most of the time what matters most is the person’s nature, character, qualities, and priorities.

Color is just a mere external projection of a person

Color of a person’s debates has reached great heights as racism is a great issue in today’s world. And if any boy/girl rejects a lover only because he/she is black or bad colored, then they must rethink about their own personality. The color of a person is not dark, but the person’s heart is surely dark who is obsessed with the color of a person. Every person has the right to be appreciated because almighty God has made everyone beautiful and handsome.

Color doesn’t matter in love but, a person’s mentality does matter to a great extent

Inner beauty is a bliss, which is far better than a fake kiss! Colors are made to fade to fade away with age and time but, true love and character cannot be shaken by any means. Love is a divine gift. So one must not determine love with such low graded stuff like color! Wish you all the best and I hope you soon find the divine gift of God and have a wonderful life ahead.

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