Birthday Present by Romantic Husband

Romantic story of Husband and Wife

Roni got up in the morning and saw that many calls came on his phone. What was the reason for such a call that suddenly came to him? (I asked myself, Roni. Is everything okay in the house?) And Raha has never called before.
(Raha and Rani married their wives after their 4-year relationship, they were married, they both loved both of them).
Today Roni is surprised to see the so many calls. 13 days ago in the Rajshahi office Roni came to the office, but Raha did not make any calls so much. At that time, there was definitely a problem. Rony called him in the phone number of Raha, Raha received the call.

Husband & Wife talking each other

Roni: Raha is all right?
Raha: (Raha was silent, does not say anything)
Roni: Talk to Raha. Please, I’m worried.
Raha: You are worried about this dilemma?
Roni: (Realize that Raha was angry today, so afraid of fear). Anxiety is there.
Raha: I will not do any good thing, you’re fooling me, that I believe in your words, tell me the truth that there was no girl with you last night?.

Roni was angry at the question of Raha. Roni was not a bad boy. So Roni wound up irate and said to Raha.
Raha, you are being resentful day by day. Do not you know what kind of people I could not sleep because of work last night, so I could not catch your call in the morning.
Raha: How Can you tell me an irritated “Roni”?
Roni: What do you say about the words of the blasphemy?

Now Raha angry and cut off the phone and began to cry. She knows that she was wrong and she did not have to suspect Roni.
Now, for Raha, Roni starts to get upset, Raha can doubt as a wife, and besides, suspects always come from the heart. Roni is thinking of himself a criminal. He knows that Raha is angry and she does not eat food and Raha is angry except Roni Nobody can recover. So from the distance, Roni cannot understand how to break angry of Raha. Roni thought, at that time, Rony’s client’s call came and they told that they agreed to work with Ronnie. Roni was very happy, but only Roni’s chest shook when he remembered the quarrel with Raha.

Gift is not a big issue, The big thing is that each other loves

Suddenly, Roni looked at the calendar on the wall and saw the birthday of Raha on 17th. But today is 15th, so there’s a day to cover it. He thought that there was no better chance to break the anger of Raha. He planned that “how Raha would be rid of her anger with Surprise.

On the morning of 16, Roni left for Dhaka and reached his house in the afternoon. When Raha open the door to knock, it was astonishing that Roni was coming, Raha want to get Roni caught and excuse Raha, but Raha did not do it. Sitting on the TV watching. Now it is very sad because of the reason Roni is not talking to Roni from so much. Raha is a criminal and Ronnie thinks Roni is a criminal. At night, 10 pm, Raha called Roni to eat food without taking her breath, but Roni did not play with anger. Roni noticed that Raha had fallen sleep without having dinner. Rani got up and went to her big room with a balloon and made it online A cake of 2 pounds has been order.

After the cake came out. Roni was waiting for the time. In the night 12:01 minutes, Roni went to the house with a jar He woke up from sleep. He was afraid. He took Raha in the big room and put him in the middle. Raha, Do not understand what is happening. Suddenly, the lights of Roni room burnt. The room became enlightened at the moment. Roni Said “Baby I am sorry. Happy birthday my sweetheart”. Raha cried weeping to Roni, Raha said to Roni sorry. Then they cut the cake and Roni bring a nice black sari as a gift for Raha. Then they complete their dinner and went to their bedroom to sleep. Here Roni huge Raha and kiss on her belly, chest and lip. Raha was enjoying herself as the happiest people in the world.

This is the best birthday present ever of Raha’s life.

…………………The End…………………….

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