a real love story in facebook

Identity on boy-girl by facebook.
Boy: Hi …
Girl: Hello…
Boy: How are you …?
Girl: Yeah well, You?
Boy: Well, I’m good too.
Girl: Oh,
Sms off for a while.
Boy: Hey how are you,?
Girl: Yeah, well,
Boy: What are you doing …?
Girl: I am chatting with you,
Boy: What is your name …?
Girl: Nupur, Your ….?
Boy: Sagor,
Girl: Oh, nice name,
Boy: Hmm Thanks,
Girl: Welcome…..
Boy: Can I tell you …?
Girl: Yes, you can say,
Boy: What do you do – where are you living ….?
Girl: I’m a Student, and I live in dreamland🏞🗺,
Boy: Where the place is …?
Girl: Nupur laughs a little, Why do not you know? Do you ever dream or not?
Boy: Hahaha, You can speak very interesting,
Girl: all know that,
Boy: Can I know who know what …..?

In the story, the boy’s name is Sagar and the girl’s name is Nupur.

Nupur: my parents – my brothers – sisters – Friends say, everyone
Sagar: Oh, If you don’t mind can I ask you something?
Nupur: Hmm,
Sagar: Do you have any Boyfriend ….?
Nupur: Hey, I’m not at all those Gathering,
Sagar: Why you think that its a gathering …?
Nupur: Do Many people have been happy with love? Someone could have become one, Just love is crying.
Sagar: If you do not have Bf then how do you know?
Nupur: Why is not known without love,
Sagar: I think that you might like someone,
Nupur: I’ve seen my best friend. Love does not hurt, there is more happiness than there is happiness.
Then you know why you go crying wherever you go
For two days of love. I don’t want to take a lifetime of crying.

Sagar: The way you said I know 100% you love someone,
Nupur: All of the people who heard me say so, I love whom I don’t leave him to go, If he tried to go then I will kill him.
If everyone wants to go then Why they come to do love?
How is it
Did you love to let him go?
If he wants to go, I will break his hands and feet
Sagar: Ahaha, so understand
You see Lady Mafia,
Nupur: So whoever loves him will love to let go,
Thus, it took about two years to talk between the Sagar and the Nupur
Now they become a good friend. They can’t stay without talking to each one day.

Sagar: Hey Nupur why you did not come to FB yesterday, Why do not you call me tomorrow and yesterday?
Nupur: I am very sick, I have many fevers
Sagar: Why did not you tell me? The fuzzy girl🤬I will slap you and breakdown your tooth.
Nupur: Do not quarrel Today, we will quarrel tomorrow
Sagar: Humm., have you take medicines,?
Nupur: Now I’m feeling better than yesterday.
Sagar: I do not know what to do with that coo
You do not know that I can not stay a little bit without talking to you for 1 hour,
Nupur: Saying that does I feel like your GirlFriend?
When I get married, then can I will talk to you or leave my husband?
Sagar: I would say you understand more than my GirlFriend?
Nupur: I went out now,
Sagar: Whatever it is
Sagar: On that day a question arose in the Sagar that if Nupur does not disappear from me, then thinking of breaking my wits of my chest, I can not think why suddenly it seems, I do not understand anything.
Why do I have so much trouble hearing about leaving and have I loved Nupur: Ohh, shit what I am thinking? we just a very good friend,

After some days the Sagar and the Nupur meet with each other.

Sagar: How are you?
Nupur: If I was not good I would have come?
Sagar: (It’s not saying anything) The head is down,
Nupur: Why did not you tell me anything?
Sagar: Not today, Sagar has said that Nupur and his mind will say the same
Fear and fate if the Sagar speaks of its love and Nupur goes wrong
The relationship between these friends is lost,
Nupur: Well, you do not have to say anything. I went
Sagar: Okay, Thus, three years have passed
Nupur: -Sagar love each other a lot, but nobody can tell anyone, because of the fear that their friendship is broken,
Nupur: Sagar can you meet with me today, its and argent issue
Sagar: ok see you in the afternoon
Nupur: Oh ok,
Sagar: What do you say?
Nupur: You are an idiot
Sagar Why?
Nupur: You do not understand anything, You can not see anything in my eyes. You do not understand my mind.

Sagar: is looking at Nupur
Nupur: Do not say anything now?
Sagar: I do not understand what you mean?
Nupur: Nupur began to slap Sagar in a rage and said that you would be stupid and always be stupid
Sagar understands Nupur and loves him a lot, but the Sagar is silent after him because he wants to hear from the mouth of the sea Nupur,
Sagar: Do not understand, do not you tell me?
Nupur: Do not do anything?
Sagar: say please say a bar for a long time I want to hear,
Nupur: I will not say that.

Sagar: Do not do that, I’m crazy to hear that one thing in front of you.
Nupur: Stupid boy I love you so much why do not you understand,?
Sagar: With tears of water on his eye, I love you before you. I was afraid that if I told you about my love if you leave me if I lose you,
I can put my love in the chest of the soil and still not lose you
Nupur: Love does not tell me why
Sagar: Fear of losing you,
Nupur: Now tell me once
Sagar.: I love you soooo much.

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