A broken heart is still a heart

Falling in love is often seen as the epitome of the perfect life. To some people, if you have love you have everything. Even if they aren’t financially capable, or if they are extremely sick, or if they have just gone through hell and back, achieving love may still be a reason to stay alive and continue with all of life’s struggles. Love really is that powerful. You will often read stories of people who have no reason to continue on but love, and as beautiful as that is, sometimes we forget just how painful love can be.

The thing about love is that it pulls you by the hand and just takes you inside a ‘black hole’. The black hole here being the joy you bathe in and the pain that you forget. Once you are in that hole, it’s very easy to neglect everything around you. You only want to be with your lover, you only want to hold their hands, you only want to lay beside them, you only want to text them, you only want to see them, you only want to live because of them. You often forget the cruel reality. And this is what makes love so dangerous. The beauty some of us see of love can easily be the ugly fate someone else fears.

As humans, we know not everything is permanent. Even if you are married happily, your heart can be broken if you lose your significant other to, for example, a deadly disease. Whether it be 6 months or 20 years, love can easily fall apart and leave one with the only agony.

The beauty some of us see of love can easily be the ugly fate someone else fears.

If you are in love now, you should try to remember now and then that it could go south. This is not to say that you should be constantly insecure and excessively aware but rather use it as a reminder that all good things do have an end. When you have this reminder it allows you to appreciate your lover more, it allows you to enjoy those little moments, even more, it allows you to put in that extra effort and it allows you to be happier. Life doesn’t exist without sadness, how beautiful would the world be if it did. When we are so occupied with love, reality does become a bit of a blur which is understandable. And when it does, it seems life has a way of reminding us of reality through heartbreaks.

Even if this is so, it shouldn’t hold us back from falling in love and trying to live our best lives. After all, life is short and it’s okay to live through some pain if it eventually means that we will get happiness. Like rain, your tears can’t fall forever. Like happiness, pain can’t last forever either, right? A wise man once said ‘I would rather die than live without passion’ – we should use this in every situation whether it be love or just life in general. If you have been heartbroken, a happy reminder for you is that our heart is a muscle it cannot break!

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