Dating Red Flags for Women

She Doesn’t Have Any Female Friends/ “Hanging out with Guys is so much Less Drama”

A girl with no female friends is a big no-no. Imagine a guy who had absolutely no guy friends and hung out exclusively with girls. That alone in itself is very weird, for it denotes an inability to fit into social circles. Girls like that also generally turn out to want to be the centre of attention. Such girls flit from circle to circle. The act of changing cliques with their most recent break-up because they cannot stay single. They move from one boyfriend only when the next one is lined up.

She Lacks Ambition/ Wants to be a Housewife

Some of you might turn your nose up at this. This isn’t an indictment of homemakers but rather an observation of people with no self-drive. It is 2019, there is simply no excuse for a woman to be uneducated or uninformed. If she is educated it makes absolutely no sense why such a person would choose to wallow in lethargy.

She has no Active Hobbies/ Only Passive Hobbies

Watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends; these aren’t hobbies, they’re things every human on the face of the planet does. Active hobbies are those activities that a person does simply for the joy and satisfaction of doing it. Painting, instruments, athletics, people who are actively pursuing these types of hobbies are generally more fulfilled individuals and have a rich inner world. They are way more interesting to talk to as well. Nothing is more beautiful than a person excitedly and passionately talking about something they genuinely care about.

Holds you Accountable for the Things her Exes Did to Her

Hopefully, this isn’t as pervasive in women as it tends to be in girls. An inability to separate you from other men she has interacted with. This denotes that she cannot truly see you for the individual you are. Rather you are an event that she is partaking it. She will treat you like a sequel to a movie she didn’t like. You are not responsible for other men and their shortcomings. It stands to reason, that you should not be held accountable for mistakes you have yet to make.


Hopefully, this is just a side-effect of the symptom’s exhibited during the rise of the #MeToo movement. Because it is now acceptable to espouse a general blanket hate towards men. Anyone who can callously admit to hating an entire gender or group is not someone worth your time. This shows an inability to measure or regulate their emotional responses to events that happen to them and because a lot of people are very apt at representing themselves as objective and logical people but self-bias can only be balanced out by brutal introspection.

Those who cannot engage in the latter always fall victim to the former. This is just a blanket version of the previous dating flag. Hating an entire group for the actions of a few is literally e basest of human reactions so such stance should not be met neither validation nor encouragement. Being a misanthrope however, is wholly acceptable and often a good balm for the emotional ails of modern life.

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