Dating Red Flags for Men

He Doesn’t Remember Details About You

Men are excruciatingly simple. This happens when and because they are only thinking about that one thing that they want from you. There could be a worse reason, they are so self-obsessed that they hear you, only to reply to you. They are not hearing you to listen to you. It is exhausting to talk to a man like that, not to mention the boredom.

Obsessively Photographs you for his Social Media

In completely non-shocking news. Men treat women like trophies. The companionship aspect is ancillary to the admiration of his male friends. A lot of men derive their self-worth from the accolades of their peers. The man’s ability to attract women is one of the highest achievements he could attain. Be wary of men who are a bit too into their own reflections.

Does Not Ask You about Yourself

This is not gender biased disparagement. On the whole however, men tend to have the propensity to one-up everyone they interact with. Whether they be stories, anecdotes or jokes. Men just by the virtue our societal fabric, tend to be more competitive. He is more entrenched in trying to prove his own value rather than recognizing yours.

Flirts with Every Female Friend he has

This is something yours truly is quite guilty of.  I have a lot of gorgeous female friends, all of whom are models. No, I am not going to lie and tell you it’s an accident. If the man of your desires is open about his social media interactions and stops because you asked him to, then it’s fine. I want women to understand that a man suffering from loneliness is the fastest way to lower his standards. This behaviour isn’t malicious but it is problematic if he continues it well into a new relationship.

Tries to cull your Friendships

This advice may or may not apply to you depending on how to prioritize your relationships. For a vast majority of people, unfortunately, it is perfectly acceptable to do a complete one-eighty with their personalities after they achieve intimate companionship. It really depends on who you are and also assumes that you have a decent group of friends whom you can rely on. Any person who tells another grown adult whom o interact with and how to live their life is not a person you want to be around.

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